Wondrous Music of Italian Early Baroque

February 18, 2023, 7:00 PM | St. Remberti Church, Bremen
February 19, 2023, 5:00 PM | St. Lamberti Church, Oldenburg

Effetti meravigliosi
- Wondrous Music of Italian Early Baroque

Works by Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, Claudio Monteverdi,
and Paolo Quagliati

Viola Blache & Erika Tandiono | Soprano
William Shelton | Alto
Mirko Ludwig | Tenor
Sönke Tams Freier | Bass

Mechthild Karkow & Rebecca Raimondi | Violin
Bernhard Reichel | Chitarrone
Julius Lorscheider | Harpsichord

"The goal of the poet is the marvelous (meraviglia),
(I speak of the master, not the bungler!)
He who cannot create wonder belongs in the stable."
Giambattista Marino, 1619

The opening concert of the 2023 concert series is dedicated to the famous Roman "Accademia degli Umoristi." Founded in 1600, it regulated intellectual life in Rome like few other institutions and played an outstanding role in promoting poetry, painting, and music.

Art historically, the "Accademia degli Umoristi" is primarily associated with the renowned poet Giambattista Marino, the intellectual father of the "meraviglia" (marvel). At the heart of his new aesthetic was the "Concetto," the ingenious idea. Poetry should, through language games such as riddles, anagrams, and bizarre metaphors that overlay the background action like a mosaic, inspire wonder and amazement.

The same applied to music: In the first half of the 17th century, Giambattista Marino's innovative texts immediately became the preferred repertoire of composers. With the literary inspiration, music itself changed suddenly and embarked on the search for "meraviglia."

"Musica getutscht" revives the spirit of the "Accademia" in its concert program, presenting music that was played and discussed during their meetings. In addition to instrumental music and madrigals based on Giambattista Marino's texts, the (brief) first Roman opera "Il carro di fedeltà d'amore" by Paolo Quagliati from 1606 will be performed.


Viola Blache

Viola Blache © Antje Kröger


Girolamo Kapsperger

- Sinfonia (1615)

- Io rido, io rido Amanti (1609)

Paolo Quagliati

- Il carro di fedeltà d’amore (1606)

Girolamo Frescobaldi

- Canzona quarta (1628)

Claudio Monteverdi

- A Dio, Florida bella (1614)

Francesca Caccini

- Io veggio i campi (1618)

Bizzarro Accademico Capriccioso

- Filli, cor del mio core (1621)

Lelio Colista

- Sonata a 3

Domenico Mazzocchi

- Udito ho Citherea (1638)

Michelangelo Rossi

- Toccata settima (1657)

Claudio Monteverdi

- O ciechi il tanto affaticar (1640)