A lunch at the Vatican 1567


FEBRUARY 10, 2024 | 7 PM

FEBRUARY 11, 2024 | 1 PM

Institut français Bremen

Contrescarpe 19, 28203 Bremen

Bartolomeo Scappi "Opera nell'arte cucinare" 1570

Music by Clement Janequin and Orlando di Lasso

Catering with historical recipes by Bartolomeo Scappi

William Shelton | alto

Loïc Paulin | tenor

Jan van Elsacker | tenor

Sebastian Myrus | bass

Bernhard Reichel | lute

Birgitt Claus (eßkultur Berlin) | Catering

Edible castles filled with live birds, grilled bears and duck tongues, various pizza recipes, the invention of "Zabaglione," salmon shaped like ham - all of this can be found in the cuisine of Master Chef Bartolomeo Scappi.

Born around 1500, he quickly gained the reputation of being the first internationally renowned "celebrity chef." In 1567, he was responsible for the feast banquet celebrating the anniversary of Pope Pius V's reign, creating a six-course menu with 138 dishes, which he documented in his monumental cookbook "Opera dell'arte dell cucinare" from 1570. However, Pius's pontificate was marked by the Counter-Reformation: living ascetically and modestly himself, he vehemently condemned the hedonism of his predecessors. Martino Navarro reported what the Pope ate on January 17, 1567: "A few eggs, a vegetable soup, and water with a little wine."

He did not touch what Scappi had cooked for him.

The ensemble "Musica getutscht" recreates this historic lunch and presents 16th-century music centered around the theme of "food": from Italian carnival songs to warm millet bread and the making of cheese and artichokes, to Clement Janequin's musical market scenes and Orlando di Lasso's plucked geese.

The experience is rounded off with a tasting of original recipes from Bartolomeo Scappi's epic cookbook: Let yourself be indulged by Birgitt Claus, the specialist in Renaissance Italian cuisine, with Bartolomeo Scappi's wondrous, flavorful, and artful dishes prepared for the Pope!

Please RSVP in advance by email to info@musicagetutscht.de!

Bartolomeo Scappis "Opera nell'arte cucinare" 1570


Clement Janequin 

Les cris de Paris (1535)


Canto de cardoni (1490)

Pan de Miglio caldo, caldo (1505)

Clement Janequin

À ce joly moys de may (1543)

Pierre Attaignant

Basse danse „Beurre frais“ (1529)

Clement Janequin

Martin menoit son pourceau au marché (1535)


Canto di donne measte di far caccio (1490)

Filippo Azzaiolo

Bona via faccia barca (1557)   

Jaques Arcadelt

Margot labourez les vignes (1554)

Claudin de Sermisy

Je ne mange point de porc (1538)

Pierre Attaignant

Pavane, Galliard & Brandle (1531)

Clement Janequin

Le chant de l’alouette (1515)

Orlando di Lasso

Lucescit iam o socii (1578)

Audite nova! (1573)