concert cycle 2024 | Bremen

In everyday life, we often find ourselves facing conflicts between our sensual desires and our conscience – whether it's the 'inner demon,' physical cravings, or our consumption habits. Such tensions were also clearly visible in the Baroque period when secular humanism, baroque excess, ethical virtues, and the moral principles of the church clashed. In the arts, the question of the 'good life' and one's own position in the tension between pleasure and ethics became increasingly important.

For the 2024 season, under the direction of the lutenist Bernhard Reichel and harpsichordist Julius Lorscheider, we present three exciting concert programs that illuminate various aspects of this theme:

In February, we tell the fascinating story of Master Chef Bartolomeo Scappi and his spectacular lunch for the strictly ascetic Pope Pius V. From the 189 dishes rejected by the Pontiff, we serve you a selection based on original recipes, accompanied by cheerful music centered around the theme of 'food.' Let yourself be pampered by Berlin-based chef and specialist in historical Italian culinary art, Birgitt Claus, and join us in discovering the culinary and musical delights of the Renaissance!

Emilio de’ Cavalieri's masterpiece 'Rappresentatione di Anima et di Corpo' (1600) deals with the inner conflicts between hedonism and morality. In this opera, a person, embodied by allegorical figures such as soul, body, heart, and mind, seeks true happiness. With an international star cast featuring soprano Hana Blažíková, we will perform this 'dramma per musica' in a concert version in May at the Bremer Sendesaal.

Our scenic music theater in October, 'Serenata tragicomica - Mosaic of Contrasts,' combines Adriano Banchieri's rapid madrigal comedy 'Il Metamorfosi Musicale' (1601) with the tragic mini-opera 'Orfeo dolente' (1616) by Domenico Belli to create an exhilarating evening at the Bremer Schaulust. In a tragicomic play about love, seduction, morality, and amorality, world-renowned singers such as Marc Mauillon, Luciana Mancini, and Dominik Wörner share the stage with Commedia dell'arte actors. The Spanish opera director Ana Cuéllar Velasco takes care of the scenic production. Experience a performance full of surprises, humorous moments, emotional scenes, and, of course, impressive music!

We look forward to an exciting year ahead and can't wait to welcome you!


Bernhard Reichel 

FEBRUARY 10, 2024, 7 PM  & FEBRUAR 11, 2024, 1 PM

Institut français Bremen


The culinary adventures of Bartolomeo Scappi

Music by Clement Janequin & Orlando di Lasso

Catering with historical recipes by Birgitt Claus

William Shelton | alto, Loïc Paulin | tenor, Jan van Elsacker | tenor, Sebastian Myrus | bass

Bernhard Reichel | lute, Julius Lorscheider | spinett

MAY 25, 2024, 8 PM 

Sendesaal Bremen


by Emilio de’ Cavalieri (1550 - 1602)

Libretto: Agostino Manni

Opera in three acts | concert performance

OCTOBER 2 & 3, 2024, 7.30 PM 

Schaulust am Güterbahnhof Bremen

Baroque Musical Theatre:

Domenico Belli „Orfeo dolente“ & Adriano Banchieri „Il Metamorfosi Musicale“